Meet the Fantastically Friendly People of FFP

Since flying the LIGNIN nest and operating on its own in 2011, FFP has grown and grown. We’d like to introduce to you the people behind that growth. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns, or simply to ask us about our views on French-Fried Potatoes, or to compliment our Fresh, Flattering Photos! (Big thanks to our photographer, Pat Berrett.)

Keith Hensley


Leader and visionary.

Shash Amarendranath

Chief Operating Engineer

Expert organizer and keeper of all the numbers.

Jacob Churchman

Folding Operator | Lignin Technician

Lekeisha Bitsilly

Lekeisha Bitsilly

Folding Operator

Sheradin YellowHair

Folding Operator

Jeremy LeFebvre

Chief Programmer | Resident Wizard

Problem solver extraordinaire.

Beth Arnold

Designer | Mixed Greens Design

Consultant in all things visual.